Landstar Telecom provides scaleable cloud-hosted next generation communications solutions that include voice, messaging, video and conferencing as a service (UCaaS). Simple and easy to use, Landstar Telecom offers users a comprehensive communication solution that streamlines your day and business processes. Connect multiple offices and eliminate multiple vendors for service and hardware.

Landstar Telecom offers a zero-touch provisioning process that reduces the overall deployment time and provides the features you want without the additional cost. Admin portals give you the ultimate control over your users and extensions. Support and advance replacement hardware are always available at no additional cost.


Superior voice quality and unparalleled service uptime is our primary focus for our business customers. We deliver amazing voice quality through our four Geo-rendundant data centers located in New York, NY, Las Vegas, NV, Minneapolis, MN and Dallas, TX. With all endpoints dual registered at our facilities, we mitigate any chance of service failure or any potential extended service outages. Investing in this infrastructure and managing the network with skilled, industry telecom professionals ensures we deliver a higher level of service to your business all day, every day, 24/7/365.


    • Business Voice and Data
    • SIP Trunking Solutions
    • Virtual PBX and UCC
    • Web and Video Conferencing
    • Call Center Solutions
    • Predictive Dialer and SMS
    • SmartPhone Apps
    • Call Recording
    • Unlimited Calling Plans
    • International Call Delivery
    • IP Fax Solutions