Landstar Telecom can provide any subscriber the ability to offer carrier class contact and call center service for any size business. Like all of the platforms in the Landstar Telecom ecosystem, the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution has been developed to deliver the highest quality experience to users without the need for significant investment.

CCaaS is an all-in-one virtual contact center suite that includes ACD with Call Queuing, self-service via Interactive Voice Response (IVR), predictive outbound dialing, recording, administrative tools, and extensive integration capabilities.

Landstar Telecom CCaS is a proven platform that has been deployed for highly reliable contact center services.

A few reasons why Landstar Telecom CCaaS is an ideal solution for resellers include:

  • True high performance architecture, sharing of resources over all subscribers in the platform providing economies of scale and optimizing utilization of resources
  • Operational efficiencies in single platform to supply and manage services to all subscribers, with self-administration capabilities.
  • Distributed resilient architecture providing global scalability and high reliability to meet requirements for multi-node deployments
  • Open interfaces and customization options on system wide or per subscriber basis to provide tight integration options to allow for individual needs of different tenants
  • Choice of agent deployment options with soft clients, IP phones or using traditional phones
  • Flexibile and intelligent routing and handling of calls, ranging from simple skills based routing to complex interactive routing algorithms for larger tenants
  • Integrated self-service IVR capabilities
  • Integrated voice recording
  • Strong predictive and preview dialer options for outbound campaigns
  • Powerful real time monitoring and analytic reporting tools

LandstarTelecom-n-Share-ArchitectureThe Landstar Telecom CCaaS platform uses always-available n-Share clusters co-located in 3 geographically diverse data centers.

Most high-availability or n+1 redundancy schemes rely on a primary and failover node. In contrast, the n-Share system is Always Available.  That means that we provide identical service across multiple locations in real-time. With seamless and transparent failover between nodes, service disruptions are avoided because customer connections are automatically transferred to any nodes available.

As network traffic grows, Landstar Telecom adds capacity by deploying additional n-Share nodes. Newly added nodes are added to the n-Share mesh and automatically become available to share call processing tasks across all nodes dynamically and with zero downtime.  This means that we can expand to accommodate subscriber growth with zero impact on the availability of services.

Where other high-availability schemes require the use of active and standby servers (with the standby servers left idle in readiness for a problem) n-Share creates efficiencies by dynamically distributing load across all available servers. This means that load can be dynamically shared across all connected nodes based on geographic distance from the user. Especially in cases where media-anchoring is required, this optimizes quality of service by ensuring voice and video payload will take the shortest path between the sender and receiver.


Real-time statistics such as calls waiting, average wait time, average handling time, abandon rate, calls answered, and call volume are among some of the many advanced visual reports available. The background colors of the stats grid act as visual alerts and change from green to yellow to red based on numeric thresholds chosen by the supervisor. Supervisors are also able to run reports and gather information about an entire call center or take a deep dive into the more granular metrics. These reports act as tools that promote productivity and increase revenue for all call centers; of any size.


Empower your call center team with call management tools to customize and fit any call center environment.

  • Queue Based Routing
  • Configurable Time Frames
  • Hunt Groups
  • Call Parking
  • Answering Rules
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • IVR/ Auto Attendant


Call center supervisors manage the activities of their agents, monitor call flow, and analyze reports within the intuitive browser based UI.

  • Real Time Management
  • Dashboard and Reports
  • Automated Callback IVR
  • Whisper, Barge, Listen In
  • Contact History Database
  • CRM Integration
  • Configurable Call Monitoring


We ensure a positive user experience through the use of quality monitoring tools and highly available network architecture within the Landstar Telecom cloud telephony infrastructure.

  • n-Share Architecture for Scalability
  • Call Recording on Queues, Users or across the entire Domain
  • Call Analytics and Alerts
  • Real Time QoS Monitoring
  • SIP Ladder Graphs Reporting for Instant Call Metrics


Gain insight into the call center performance with a wide range of detailed reporting available in the Landstar Telecom user portals. Reports can be as wide as entire organizations or as granular as a single agent in a specific call queue.

  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Queue Statistics
  • Agent Statistics
  • Agent Availability reporting
  • DNIS statistics


Call Center features are accessible through the Landstar Telecom online user portal, permitting fast and easy access from anywhere from any device.

  • Integrated Fax
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Presence on Multiple Devices
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Click to Call
  • Web-based Agent & Supervisor Portal
  • Supported Geographic Distribution & Mobility of Agents