The Landstar Telecom offers Web Conferencing solution as a service.  It can be offered as a stand-alone service, or as an integrated part of the Landstar Telecom Web Centrex solution.

The web conferencing and online collaboration industry, an area that includes webinars and video-conferencing, is one of the fastest growing segments of the communications industry.   However, because of market fundamentals and the underlying vendor ecosystem, this space has not typically been within the domain of telecom or even VoIP service providers.  And with fewer providers fighting for the same customers, web conferencing services have largely been high-margin low churn businesses.

For customers of  Landstar Telecom Web Centrex, the Web Conferencing application offers a seamless user experience.  Our unified sign-on system means that the same login name and password is used for PBX portal access and to start and access webinars, web conferences and remote-support sessions.  The resulting user experience will delight our subscribers and give any team another tool to attract and maintain customers.

Now, Landstar Telecom allows Web Centrex customers to stand apart from the crowd by offering enterprise grade web conferencing services.

Branding.  The Landstar Telecom Web Conferencing solution can be branded to suite your needs.  With customizable web domains, landing pages and post-session promotional pages.

Flexibility.  The Landstar Telecom Web Conferencing solution bundles six real-time collaboration applications into a single desktop app that can be managed from the cloud:

  1. Web conferencing.  Give sales presentations and product demos, and collaborate interactively
  2. Remote Support.  Support PC and Mac users remotely
  3. Audio Conferencing. VoIP based audio conferencing
  4. Video Conferencing. Multi-point webcam based video conferencing
  5. Remote Access.   Users access their office or home PCs from anywhere anytime
  6. Webinar.  Provide online seminars without download of any kind for view-only attendees

Scalability.   Your business can have any number of rooms, any of which can accommodate up to one hundred participants.

Pricing.   Our per room pricing allows you to pay-as-you-grow with no capital expenses and linear, predictable operating expenses.


Features Landstar
WebEx GoToMeeting Join.Me
White Label Solution check
Present and Control Remotely check check check check
Presenter Swap check check check check
Application Sharing* check check check check
Firewall Friendly check check check check
Chat check check check check
File Transfer check check check
Polling check check
Pause Meeting check check check check
Whiteboard check check
Annotation check check check check
Schedule Meetings check check check check
Auto-Reconnection check check check check
Fit-to-Screen Display check check check check
Recording check check check check
Video Conferenceing check check check check
Audio Conferencing check check check check
Remote Printing* check check check check
Outlook Integration* check check check check
Image Quality Good Poor Fair Good
VoIP Quality Good Poor Fair Good
Speed Fastest Fast Fast Faster
View Only w/ No Download check check
Mix Interactive and View Only check
End of Meeting Promotion Page check
Webinar Registration check
Webinar Management check
Number of Hosts per Room Unlimited 1 1 1
Support for Mac and Linux Excellent Fair Fair Fair


Landstar Telecom Web Conferencing is our comprehensive turnkey web conferencing service enabling:

  • Web Presentations
  •  Audio Conferencing
  •  Multi-Presenter Seminars
  •  Multi User Video
  •  Remote Desktop Supporting
  •  White Boarding
  •  Desktop Sharing
  •  Branded Landing Pages

Feature Rich Web & Voice Conferencing Solutions

Landstar Telecom Web Conferencing is a comprehensive turnkey webinar service hosted by Landstar Telecom that supports web presentation, live multi-user video and audio conferencing, and remote desktop support capabilities. Landstar Telecom Web Conferencing can be ordered in conjuction with any other Landstar Telecom family of services. It is more extensible and user friendly than webinar solutions from providers like GoToMeeting®, Adobe®, and Webex®.