NEXT GENERATION Secure Remote Support

Secure Remote Support

Collaborative remote support. Robust, secure and fast. Support customers or employees no matter where they are. Solve problems on first contact. Save time & costs.

Instant complete control of remote computer

As soon as a supportee joins a support session, the supporter can have full control of the remote computer. A supporter can also convert an attended support session into an unattended session. Landstar Telecom makes remote support quick, easy, seamless.

Collaborative remote support and knowledge sharing

Remote supporter invites additional staff, employees, clients and partners to join a remote support session. Landstar Telecom empowers supporter and session attendees to collaboratively resolve issues, provide training to internal staff, share knowledge, and provide much needed product support to clients and customers.

In-session customer training,

During a support session, you can show your computer desktop to train customers or introduce new products and functions.

Record sessions for auditing or training

You can record the entire support session for training or audit purposes.

Remote support using mobiles or support mobiles

With an iPad/iPhone or Android, you can remotely access any PC or MAC to conduct attended or unattended support. You can also use PC and MAC to support mobile devices remotely via remote annotation.

Fastest speed & concurrent sessions

Landstar Telecom has one of the fastest solutions on the market for remote support. Further, you can have multiple support sessions running on the same computer to support attended or unattended remote computers.

The fast speed and concurrency save you precious time.

Landstar Telecom remote support features include:

Remote support specific
  • Instantly view and remote control
  • Free mobile apps to remotely support PC and MAC
  • Remote support of mobile devices by PC and MAC
  • Remotely reboot in regular and safe mode
  • Remotely login as admin
  • Allow multiple participants in one support session
  • Switch to training mode during support session
  • Switch to unattended support
  • Remotely lock supported computer at the end of session
  • Send Ctrl + Alt + Del
  • Blank remote desktop
  • Retrieve remote computer system information
  • UAC compatible
  • RDP session compatible
  • Optionally switch between remote multi-monitors
  • On-premise security to protect internal sessions
  • Firewall & proxy friendly
  • Free audio conferencing service included
  • VoIP
  • Video conferencing
  • Recording
  • Annotation
  • Schedule in advance
  • Outlook integration
  • Detailed reporting
  • Remote printing
  • File transfer to one or all attendees
  • Chat
  • Push URL and Q&A
  • Auto-reconnection
  • Support 9 languages