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Welcome to Landstar Telecom, your trusted partner in advanced communication and security solutions. Our mission is to redefine efficiency and excellence, empowering businesses in various sectors. From elevating patient care to helping to drive success, Landstar delivers solutions that go beyond expectations.


Transforming Patient Care

Elevate your dental practice with seamless appointment scheduling, secure patient data management, and superior communication facilitated by Landstar’s comprehensive solutions. Our commitment to over a decade in dental tech ensures that your practice benefits from cutting-edge technology and reliable support.

Smiling dentist and patient
A car dealership salesman on his tablet


Driving Success in Automotive

Revolutionize your dealership’s operational efficiency with Landstar’s visionary solutions, providing a competitive edge in the automotive industry. Benefit from collaborative problem-solving with vendors, ensuring that your communication and security needs are met seamlessly.


Revolutionizing Patient Care

In the healthcare industry, Landstar transforms patient care, optimizing operations and providing a secure platform for medical professionals. Benefit from our expertise in managed services, streamlining your healthcare practice with advanced communication and security solutions.

medical professional on the phone

Why Choose Landstar Telecom?

Over 10 Years In Industry Tech

Collaborative Problem-Solving With Vendors

Specializing in Managed Services for Specific Industries

One Vendor, One Number…Solutions!


Visionary Care Redefined

Experience a new era in optometric practice with Landstar’s specialized solutions, optimizing efficiency and ensuring seamless patient care coordination. Our focus on managed services for specific industries ensures that your vision care practice operates smoothly with tailored communication and security support.

patient trying on glasses
lawyer working


Innovating Legal Practice

Step into the future of legal practice with Landstar’s advanced communication and security solutions, tailored to the unique demands of legal professionals. Collaborate with us for specialized support, reducing downtime and ensuring confidentiality in your legal operations.

Our team specializes in solving common issues without having to go to the manufacturer. From secure remote access to troubleshooting and even installations, we’re here to provide you with the help you need to run your business more efficiently. No matter the specific assistance you require, we are proud to be your one-stop shop for Voice and Technology Service needs. Choose Landstar Telecom for a seamless blend of expertise and innovation tailored to your industry.


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