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1. Technical Support and Maintenance.
Landstar Telecom Technical Support includes access to the trouble ticketing system, telephone and email correspondence and interaction with the Landstar Telecom technical support team during Standard Support Hours for Support Events of any Priority. Subject to availability of resources, Landstar Telecom may, in its discretion, direct Subscribers to use the trouble ticketing system and/or email in place of Telephone Support.

2.   Standard Support Hours.
Landstar Telecom support is available from 8 am to 5 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday (holidays excluded) for all issues. See Getting Support for more details.

After hours and emergency, support is available by calling 844-700-8647 and leaving a detailed message.  The message will be sent to on-call support staff via an internal notification system. Please open a ticket with details, screenshots, and detailed information immediately thereafter to assist our engineers in troubleshooting the problem.

“Standard Support” means support and maintenance services that are provided to SUBSCRIBER by LANDSTAR TELECOM. Standard Support Includes:

  • Support During Standard Support Hours
  • Off-hour response to SUBSCRIBER requests for support for Priority 1 outages
  • Access to online support resources including online documentation, and the LANDSTAR TELECOM ticketing system
  • New feature training (webinar-based) for SUBSCRIBER’s staff after each new software feature release as determined by Landstar Telecom
  • Tier 1 Support. “Tier 1 Support” means the initial technical and SUBSCRIBER service provided when a Subscriber calls SUPPORT. Tier 1 Support typically addresses and resolves issues relating to account management, billing, Subscriber education, basic connectivity, and simple troubleshooting.
  • Tier 2 Support. “Tier 2 Support” means the second line of SUBSCRIBER service and technical support that is provided when a Tier 1 Support representative is unable to resolve the Subscriber issue. Tier 2 Support typically addresses issues relating to advanced services (home-networking issues, etc.), computer, security, and other issues that Tier 1 Support is unable to resolve.
  • Tier 3 Support. “Tier 3 Support” means the support that LANDSTAR TELECOM provides directly to the CUSTOMERS’s Network Operations Center (NOC) or that LANDSTAR TELECOM resolves via a trouble ticket or other mutually accepted mechanism for resolving issues. Tier 3 Support will typically handle issues such as LANDSTAR TELECOM platform problems, and issues that neither Tier 1 Support nor Tier 2 Support was able to resolve. 

3. After-hours Support/Uncovered Priority 1 Events.
In the event that CLIENT contacts LANDSTAR TELECOM outside of standard support hours to help remedy a Priority 1 outage, the event will be reviewed by LANDSTAR TELECOM to determine the cause of the outage. If LANDSTAR TELECOM is determined to not be at fault for the cause of the event, the client will pay for LANDSTAR TELECOM’s time spent at the after-hours non-planned emergency support at the rate of $125.00 per hour, with a one hour minimum. CLIENT will not be responsible for any incident fee or hourly fees if an outage is determined to be the fault of LANDSTAR TELECOM.

4. Priority Definitions & Response Times (All Tickets):

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